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Considering A Bathroom Renovation?

Has it been a while since you have renovated or added a bathroom? Well, times have changed…considerably! Today, the cost of remodeling a bathroom is driven by materials, and in today’s global economy that means TONS of options – plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and tile are available from all over the world, which means a myriad of choices are available to you.

Your Basic 3 Alternatives


Bathroom Renovation3

Big Box Store

One way to address the “myriad of choices” issue is to go with a packaged solution from a big box store which will dictate the materials that will be used.  In other words, since you’ll be buying everything from one place, you’ll be accepting the materials choices already made by the store.  While there may be some limited options available within those materials, in order for this to work from the store’s perspective the basics will be predetermined based entirely on the materials they sell.  So much for all those options out there and that personalized bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Renovation4Do It Yourself

Perhaps after watching a great HGTV show you may get inspired to take on the bathroom renovation yourself.  My threshold advice is simply, “Don’t Underestimate What You’re Getting Into!”  First stop on this path will be the internet to nail down all that fixtures & tile stuff – this is going to take LOTS of time even for a seasoned handyman.  And then there’s the actual installation part.  Even if you can get help from a buddy, bathroom renovations are ALWAYS a real bear – hugely frustrating and ENORMOUSLY time-consuming.  And even worse, all too often the finished product resembles a project from Shop Class.  In other words, really think it through before choosing this alternative.

Professional Help

The final alternative involves bringing in some professional help, which will be most appropriate if you are looking to make your bathroom renovation something special.  In this regard, “Special” will require your involvement re: tastes, style & Bathroom Renovation1preferences, but the results can be spectacular!

The first step is to consult with a local General Contractor who knows the process and has been through it many times. This professional will help you through the planning stage, which is the most important step in the whole process since it will lay the groundwork for everything that follows.  Here’s a short list of additional areas where having a professional involved can prove indispensable:

  • Selecting materials and suppliers will be a critical next step in the process, and the professional can lead you in the right direction with recommendations of reputable suppliers that are appropriate for the requirements.
  • Once suppliers have been selected, the professional will ensure materials are ordered in advance, which is crucial to avoiding unnecessary mid-project delays.
  • Anticipating pitfalls is crucial. For example, if you’re moving fixture locations, it’s important to work with a Bathroom Renovation5contractor who is structurally knowledgeable, can explain the pros and cons, and can foresee any potential problems.
  • Tile and stone choices have come a long way, even in the last ten years. Researching colors, styles and trends online can be fun, time consuming and frustrating, and professional guidance will streamline the process. Quality is not always obvious, and always make appointments before visiting showrooms to ensure that you receive the complete focus of the salesperson recommended to you.
  • As mentioned earlier, materials will drive the cost of your bathroom renovation so have a budget in mind before shopping. People are attracted to the highest priced materials, so if that’s not in your budget be careful. Again, working with a contractor throughout the process will provide you with a sense of reality at every turn.


The bottom line is to HAVE FUN!  A new bathroom is a very exciting undertaking and probably something you have been thinking about for a long time.  My best advice: USE A PROFESSIONAL AND ENJOY THE RESULTS FOR YEARS TO COME!

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